Gourmet Baklava And Beyond: Other Turkish Specialties To Try

Gourmet Baklava And Beyond: Other Turkish Specialties To Try

There is no better experience than indulging in the delicious sweet world of Turkish desserts! Carrying a rich historical heritage, Turkish desserts have been perfected over centuries. From the most talked about "baklava," a sweet dish made of light and flaky phyllo pastry, filled with an assortment of premium quality nuts and drizzled with honey or syrup, there are numerous other succulent Turkish specialties to try from! 

Are you brooding over the thought of where to find the best Turkish desserts that can also be delivered all across the globe? Gourmet Baklava has the answer. We have the broadest range of mouth-watering Turkish specialties to try from. Gourmet Baklava uses the best quality ingredients. Customer satisfaction and baking quality food is our topmost priority. We deliver the freshest desserts, which feel like pure heaven! Are you bored with baklava? Why not try out a kunafa or even a tamaria today? 

The Best Turkish Delights To Try Once In A Lifetime

If anyone is asked about Turkish desserts, many don't even know that there is a variety of the tastiest dishes other than baklava! Some of the best ones get overshadowed by the sheer popularity of baklava. If someone tries out a creamy kunafa or a crunchy barazek, they might have their new favorite dessert! Baklava might take a back seat if the popularity of other Turkish specialties increases. 

So why not try some of them out, and see how much they can please our taste buds?

A Kunafa Should Not Be Missed

Are you planning to celebrate Ramadan, or are guests coming to your place? Often it becomes confusing which sweet dish to serve the guests. Think no more and place your order for a Kunafa. It is a sweet phyllo pastry dessert with cheese and a subtle syrup drizzle. 

The dough is baked until crispy golden-brown to have a soft crunch in every bite and is served hot. The cheese used is mostly mozzarella or akawie. It is two delights in one, cheesy and sweet! People have always been satisfied with this dish and have always craved more.

Gourmet Baklava even allows the customers to order just the amount they want, and the prices are also very reasonable! Customers can choose from three quantities, large, medium, and small. So why wait any longer? Just place the order for a kunafa and dig in!

Indulge In A Crispy Barazek

Craving Turkish specialties but want something that does not have phyllo dough? Bite into a bazarek. It is a unique cross of a cookie and a pastry made of flour, sugar butter, and a dash of sesame seeds.

The key ingredient of every Turkish dessert, honey, is also present that adds extra sweetness to the barazek. It is made in the shape of a thin disk with sesame seeds decorating one side of the cookie. It is found in almost every Turkish household and is often enjoyed over tea. 

Who would not want to take a bite of this crunchy sweet cookie while sipping on hot tea? It is genuinely worth a try!

Taste The Uniqueness Of A Garaiba

This dessert, made from semolina flour and with the addictive smell of rosewater, is a delicacy in turkey. Its chewy texture is the star of the show, and the syrup it is dipped in gives it the extra push towards making it one of the best Turkish specialties

A garaiba is mainly served with much love during weddings or even birthdays as a sign of affection. Its unique flavor profile and texture make it a beloved dessert in Turkish cuisine, and it is a must-try for anyone looking to experience the rich and diverse flavors of the region.


It is usual for people to wonder if they would get the authentic flavors of Turkey if they ordered Turkish desserts while residing elsewhere. No worries at all. Gourmet Baklava has never let its customers down. We ensure that the ingredients used are of the best quality and that the nuts we use in the desserts are brought from the middle east. 

With zero compromises on taste and quality, Gourmet Baklava delivers its sweet dishes with love and with the hope that its customers will devour the desserts. We guarantee that our clients will come back for more to enjoy the unique flavors of Turkey over and over again!

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