Show Your Love with a Sweet Treat: Gifting Gourmet Baklava on Valentine's Day

Show Your Love with a Sweet Treat: Gifting Gourmet Baklava on Valentine's Day

Baklava is a popular sweet for special occasions in modern-day Turkey, Greece, and some Balkan countries. It has recently become a worldwide renowned sweet dish that is perfect for several occasions. The first form of Baklava is thought to have originated in the Assyrian empire around 800 BC when several layers of bread dough were stretched out thinly, and at the time of baking, it was filled with chopped nuts and usually honey for special occasions. Now it has become a crispy and tasteful dish that gets a crisp sound and melts in the mouth. Baklava Day is celebrated on November 17th. In the Turkish household, this day is celebrated with zeal.

Baklava is made by layering 30 or 40 sheets of phyllo, each liberally brushed with melted butter, giving it tenderness yet making it rich, and then placed in a baking pan with finely chopped pistachios, walnuts, or almonds. People have now started gifting Baklavas all around the globe, and to ensure that you give the best quality baklavas, you must reach out to reliable sources that can provide you with rich baklavas you can easily gift your loved ones. 

India is also one of those countries which spread and show their love towards their loved ones through gifting sweets and Baklava. We have earned the name for making signature dessert, and we are the first to make and sell Baklavas. Further, we will discuss our delicious and mouthwatering Gourmet Baklavas. 

Gifting Gourmet Baklava On Valentine's Day:

It is the season of love, and if you are thinking of gifting one of the best sweets to your loved one, especially on Valentine's, then you can gift the luxurious Baklava. Being different and giving something lavish and delicious Gourmet Baklava is one of the best options. If you are finding the best Baklava makers in India, then your search is over; we provide some of the best Baklava made by the top listed chefs with years of experience, and they are the first ones to deliver top-notch Baklavas to India. 

Gourmet Baklavas are taking over the hearts of the people. Signature dessert is true to the Turkish flavours and, being exotically designed and made with experience and care, is one of the best on the list. Our baklavas are the most authentically Turkish, incorporating the symbolic Middle Eastern flavour and a spectacular grip of their spices and nuts. 

The perfect quality of ingredients and diverse range of flavours incorporates many ingredients and delicacies found in abundance in the Middle East and Mediterranean. Once you check out our products, especially the signature dessert, you will see that we are not lying when we say we are the one-stop shop for all Turkish delights. If you love Turkish cuisine and its spices, there is a way of presenting their sweets, and we assure you to provide you with mouth watering delicacies. This is the reason you must try it once and see how the words justify the taste itself. 


Baklava was only known to be there in Turkey, but now it has crossed several seas and countries including India. Also, it created a fan following, which is why Baklava has recently gained a lot of popularity. It consists of Ingredients commonly found in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, such as walnuts, pistachios, pine nuts, almonds, or other specific nuts. Gifting your loved one a delicacy filled with exotic nuts and enriched with honey. Baklava variants are made differently as there is no particular shape in which you will find the baklavas; there are plenty of designs that you can check out and gift to your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

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