10 Mouth-Watering Types Of Baklava You Need To Try

10 Mouth-Watering Types Of Baklava You Need To Try

10 Mouth-Watering Types Of Baklava You Need To Try

No one would deny that the aroma from a Turkish bakery is enough to make a person's mouth water. The toasty smell of nuts, the crispy phyllo pastry, and the delicate sweetness of honey or syrup; finding a better combination in a dessert would be difficult for any person. Associated with various occasions and celebrations originating in the ottoman empire, Baklava has been a delicacy across southeastern Europe, western Asia, and northern Africa. The thought of a Baklava is enough to make a person drool, and it is justified if someone says it is irresistible. 

There is a wide range of succulent preparations of Baklava available these days. However, the most popular and appreciated type of Baklava is filled with pistachios and has a drizzle of honey on top. With the taste of the finest ingredients, the sweet dish is often served with a cup of strong coffee or tea and is a staple dessert during holidays and festivals.

The Top 10 Most Delicious Types Of Baklava One Must Try

One will be pleased to know that the most reputed Turkish bakeries let their customers pick from the most diverse Baklava you can imagine, from various forms to various constituents. The offerings they have will astound you!

Let's take a tour of the delicious selection of Baklavas that anyone with a sweet craving can select from:

  1. Almond Baklava:

A very flavorful variety of Baklava with a fluffy phyllo pastry, a layer of syrup, and filled with finest quality almonds.

  1. Cashew baklava:

A delicious version of Baklava with a light phyllo crust, honey drizzle, and premium filling of cashews.

  1. Pistachio baklava:

Baklava with a fine phyllo covering, honey coating, and quality filling of especially excellent pistachio.

  1. Walnut baklava:

With a filling of the best quality walnuts from the middle east, this is a type of Baklava that a person should try at least once.

  1. Pista bird nest baklava:

A creative variety of Baklava with a phyllo dough cup shaped like a nest with pistachios filling the center.

  1. Lady finger baklava:

Flavourful Baklava shaped as a long roll, much like a lady's finger, with an equally palatable filling.

  1. Almond bird nest baklava:

Like the pista bird nest baklavas, this dessert has a cup filled with premium almonds.

  1. Cashew bird nest baklava:

This dessert cup is packed with high-quality cashews and resembles the baklavas resembling pista bird nests.

  1. Warbats:

This type of Baklava is the triangular twin of the conventional Baklava. It either has a smooth custard and thus becomes a savior for people who have a sweet tooth yet have nut allergies. They can still enjoy a delicious bite of baklavas. It's unimaginable how majestic Baklava tastes with a sweet cream filling. There are mainly two kinds of warbats:

  • Warbat cream
  • Warbat dry fruits

  1. Warbat turkiya:

Triangular phyllo pastry delicacies filled with cream and baked to perfection. It is brushed with clarified butter and has a syrup drizzle to add that subtle sweetness. What is more, is the fact that the syrup is rose water flavored. That adds a dash of the unique smell of roses! Did you know a warbat takes a short time to be baked?

Can You Get Baklava In India?

In the past, individuals would scour the internet for information about where to locate the best Baklava, even in India. There were very few stores that even tried to provide this dish. We formerly believed that the only way to eat this delectable delicacy was to travel to the Middle East and that we would never be able to find it here at home.

But, it is no longer valid. Your pleasure with the cuisine is Gourmet Baklava's priority when you place an order. They make the freshest and finest Baklava you've ever had using carefully chosen ingredients and deft hands. So instead of just sitting around, order a box of the most diverse Baklava you can discover!


Anyone would agree that stopping after having just one Baklava is very difficult. The heart and tummy are bound to crave more. Bored with the traditional sweet dish? You can even get a box of assorted baklavas with every kind you can think of! With these lip-smacking desserts, one would surely come back for more. So why not just order a box for your loved ones or yourself as a form of self-love?

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