Experience the Luxury of Gourmet Baklava: Our Top Picks to buy baklava Online

Experience the Luxury of Gourmet Baklava: Our Top Picks to buy baklava Online

Experience the Luxury of Gourmet Baklava: Our Top Picks to buy baklava Online

Sweet dishes are ideal for every occasion. Whether you are invited for a birthday or for an anniversary these are the evergreen options. It is an ideal thought that sweet dishes bring in health. But that’s not the case with Baklava. They are high on dry fruits, healthy nuts, and honey. It will not hamper your health but will definitely bring sweetness to your life.

Baklava has always been a rich sweet dish with the history of Assyrians. They are highly picked for lush occasions. Back then, the availability was low and fewer people knew about this. But today, the taste of people significantly evolved and all they ask for is rich traditional dishes. Baklava falls perfectly into that category.

To bring sweetness and health Gourmet Baklava comes in varieties. Buy baklava online is the best method today to bring this ancient recipe home. Check out the varieties that Gourmet Baklava has and why it can be your pick through this blog.

Top Baklava Choices

Pista Baklava: Pista Baklava is made of layers of filo-filled, chopped nuts, sweetened, and held together with the help of syrup. The recipe is of Turkey and is famous globally. The main ingredients here are Filo dough, nuts, and sweetening. Pista alone comes with the goodness of health and taste. Nutritionists recommend people of all ages to consume pista. Now serving it in the sweet is the smart move. Pista helps the body to maintain the blood sugar level. It looks after heart health and gut health. They are the best to pick for carbs and protein intake.

Walnut Baklava: Gourmet Baklava walnut baklava is considered the best for morning breakfast. The reason being high on proteins with the sweetness of honey. In-take of protein for breakfast is the best serve to the body. For some who don’t fall for the walnut taste, can enjoy the sweetness of honey and the fluff of filo dough. Walnuts are high in antioxidants and are the richest source of omega-3s. It decreases inflammation and fights oxidative stress. 

Cashew Baklava: The crunchiness of cashew makes the baklava tastier and more interesting. Cashew Baklava is the highest and evergreen pick. To bring out the utmost flavor and goodness of cashew, Gourmet Baklava makes sure to roast it nicely. They leave no recipe behind for bringing out the right ancient taste of cashew baklava. As for the health benefits, cashews are considered a powerhouse for the body. It reduces inflammation and frees the body from antioxidants. These are the richest source of carotenoids and polyphenols. These two maintain the right digestion in the body and free the body from seasonal diseases.

Pista Birdnest Baklava:  Pista gives a sweet and salty taste to Baklava. They are added after finely roasting. The final recipe is the finger-licking one. The goodness of taste delivered is equivalent to the health served. Pistas have beta-carotene that improves immune function. They are highly recommended for heart patients. When the health is delivered on the sweet platter, everyone will choose to pick it up. Therefore, Gourmet Baklava makes sure to keep the sweetness naturally via honey and healthiness via pista. Birdnest is made from the Kataifi paste. They are made with the help of honey, nuts, and dough. The taste of Kataifi is sweet and crunchy. This is just like adding a cherry to the cake!

Lady Finger Baklava: Only health delivery is the target behind this baklava choice. Lady finger baklava is not the one with the spice taste. Rather it delivers the sweetness in the right amount. Lady finger alone brings in tons of health benefits and considering the recent survey, they are the top picked vegetables. Lady finger acts as an antioxidant, shows impressive results for tumors, modulates the immune system and promotes brain-activity.

Baklava Your Way- By Gourmet

Delivering health via sweetness is a Gourmet target today. Keeping in mind the taste and gift of ancient sweet lovers, none of the recipes have been tampered with. Everything is kept just as fresh but with little creativity. All of the creativity is done to bring in the right combination of health and sweetness in your diet.

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